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Carlos SPAIN Great band and great music!! Keep up the excellent work!
David Cooper IRELAND Great band and great music!
Nina S. GERMANY Hi AMORIC! I'm one of your "dancers" from thursday (19.04.12) at the Trinity Pub in Dublin. I wanted to thank you for your great show. You were fantastic and we had a great time! Unfortunatly we are back in Germany now so we cannot hear your great music live again anytime soon.. Keep up the good work! You are amazing! Greetings from Germany! Nina
Clint Hendrix UNITED STATES I continue to be a die hard fan, but unfortunately have never seen you live - I keep listening to the fantastic songs you've already produced, and I keep checking to hear what's next - you're great - both the energy of Lora's voice and the tight feel of the music the whole band puts together - thanks for a really special feeling, you're the best!
Marie IRELAND Hey :3 I Lovee You Guys :D Youre such a great Singer,i wish i could grow a but more to go one of youre gigs :( few years maby? :L I Loveeeee youre music :) so inspireing <3 x
Cvetelin BULGARIA Лора е страшна, немога да и се нагледам и да и се наслушам, а пичовете как забиват, просто не е истина!:) AMORIC is one of the best europian rock bands. I love them much. Lora has an incredible voice and style of singing, and is so cute. They make me proud of being bulgarian, and i wish them only good things, to keep moving foward and not to lose their fate.
Ангел BULGARIA Поздрави от България!Желая много успехи Лора!!!Има една незабравима песен:"Рая""...виждам пред мен не вярвам,че това е края влизам в нов ден..." Само хубави моменти и да няма край!
Seamus IRELAND Came across your demo on A fantastic band, great songs (Well the two I've heard) and a great look. The videos are great. Simple and effective. I think you will go far. Best of luck.
Nu6i BULGARIA Здравейте банда! Страхотни сте, много се радвам за вас! Пожелавам ви успехи и много бъдещи проекти.
Terry UNITED KINGDOM hya...hey i acually found you after a fey years ...yippeee...saw you playing in sunny beach at spiders bar and the were great then and even better now...come to the UK please...good luck in all you do XX
Dimitar Dimitrov FRANCE Med mi kape na sarcseto kato vi chuh sounda.napomni mi mladosta :-).Prodaljavaite da drankate,na shest ste! pozdravi -bombata:-)
Charlie IRELAND Really enjoyed the show in Kilkenny last Saturday. You guys rocked and really got the crowd going!
Ivan UNITED KINGDOM Bravo ,bravo ,bravo..... :))) Mnogo uspexi i kysmet!
Roos NETHERLANDS I love you guys
Pete UNITED KINGDOM Hey ... I can't believe I have found you guys. I first heard you in Bulgaria in Pamporovo while on a skiing holiday about 4 years ago and bought your cd (Lora: Demo) and put it on my ipod which died so had to get a new one and lost loads of my albums :(. Well recently i just found the CD again and been playing it again so I decided to see if you guys were still around. So glad you are. Your new stuff is great. Keep it up and please come gig in the UK ... :D.
Scott UNITED STATES Hi, still hoping you are able to come to America, we met on MySpace and I'm now putting the word out on FaceBook for the band! Alot of my friend's on FB love your music! I wish the band continued success and hope to hear or see that you are coming to the US! The video's are great as are the songs! Keep up the good work!
Johnson INDIA You guys are amazing... I found your music on myspace and i am so moved. I am officially a fan now. You got such a sweet and and powerful voice. God bless you guys.
Spas Spasov BULGARIA Ей, супер сте. Много се радвам за вас и ви пожелавам мнооооого успехи!!!!
didier raymond FRANCE I listened your music it's nice of course, i don't really know your projects, but now a few movie sound track would give another dimension to your fan's population. Good Luck and keep working.
Brenden UNITED STATES HOLY SHIT The lead singer mind blowingly HOT The rest of the band is somewhat strange.
Rikke DENMARK Hey guys! Just want to say, that your rocking ;) I like you music and can't wait to see - i mean listing to - more of it ;) You kind of reminds me of Paramore... which are a compliment ;)
john UNITED STATES Hi guy's! found ya here & just had to be involved with ya here as well as om myspace. Still rockin out with your tunes' every chance I get! Love the vids!!Cant wait for the new music to be released.
Lindsay UNITED KINGDOM Will you be coming to Scotland any time soon? I'd definately come and I'd tell all my friends. ;) Also, planning on making anymore videos and putting them on youtube. x
Sam Perry UNITED KINGDOM YOU GUYS ROCK! =D dunno how u found me on youtube but well done! youv got another fan for it! if your ever anywhere near London would love to come see you guys live!
Anja GERMANY I'm realy glad that YOU found ME on're songs are so great...keep on doing your music and never change...I hope to see you someday in Germany and I think Germany would love you! I wish you the best.
Martin Raichinov BULGARIA Здравейте, банда! Някакъв шанс за концерт в България? Ваши истински фенове!
Chanelle Carter IRELAND Hey guys, caught you in McSorley's in Killarney last night... what a great night, made better by a great band! Loved your original stuff. Some gigs in the North East would go down well i'd say. Keep it up :)
nikolay dolapchiev BULGARIA Браво Лора. Гордеем се с теб!Поздрави от Бургас и от Английската гимназия:-)))
Fifi IRELAND Saw ye guys for the first time in Masons Friday what a band. Miro can make the his guitar sing. Lora what a voice and stage prescence..Ye had us jumping around and singing along with ye..Brilliant.
Lucy UNITED KINGDOM come and tour in england!!! u guys rock!!
sarah UNITED STATES u guys are gonna make its o far im a huge fan i wish u the best of luck and for the record u are way better than haley!!!!!!!!
Katie Marie UNITED STATES Wow your music is amazing.....are you planning on coming to america anytime soon??? would really love to see you guys in concert!!!!
Lindsay UNITED KINGDOM Amoric are awesome. (: They are individual and unique. People who say they are like Paramore are wrong. Amoric are much more amazing than Paramore /and/ they come from Ireland [woot], well done guys.
ashz shoka INDONESIA cool song .. I liked it
Patrick IRELAND Great performance at the oak, only one point was bugging: on your site it said you'd start at 22:00, but apparently the gig started at 23:00 but other then that: great show, great songs, would've had to hear more of your original songs, though. "keep up" the good styles. :)
tracey hatcher UNITED STATES ive been listening to your music and i love it. i hope one day you will tour the US. waiting on an album too. keep it up you guys are really great.
IKI BULGARIA Поздрави от България : )!!! Още си слушам българските ви парчета, много ме зареждат, а и по времето, което излязохте си бяхте феномен на бг сцената, доста се различавахте оттогава и си знаех, че ще имате успех : ) Сега с интерес следя новото ви творчество. Радвам се, че имате успех навън, надявам се да продължавате да радвате своите почитетели, но да не забравяте, че имате фенове и от България : ) Пожелавам ви много вдъхновение на цялата група, за да създавате все такава качествена музика!!!
Barbara UNITED STATES love you're music love the new one keep up my niece and i were listening to it and she was singing along while eating lunch it was funny to see but just love the music so much
İlkay CYPRUS 'Only For You' is my favourite song but new video is awesome too! CONGRATULATIONS!! carry on ;) Lora;you are my inspiration <3
JT UNITED STATES Lora, Just came across you whilst surfing. Great to see you're still out there giving it all as usual. Bad Moon has relocated here in Charleston, SC USA. Give our best to Yanko and tell Yavor if you can, that we miss the old days! If you make it to the USA our door is always open. Cheers! JT & Ness (Bad Moon Band)
SchaNoorain MALAYSIA good job guys!fall in love with your music. please do some promotion in Malaysia.we love ur music but there's not so many Malaysian noticed ur great please take this for consideration.tq:)
Mick O'Doherty IRELAND Hi guy's it was great to meet you last night in Vaughan's of Clifden -- i was knocked out by your live sound!!, hope to catch you again
İlkay CYPRUS Hey! u guys r amazing!!! and u can be an inspiration for other new musicians! also 'keep up's video is superful! <3 luw ya..
Miranda Barnett UNITED STATES I've been following you guys for over a year now, I think. Every chance I get I advertise you to everyone I know. I put your name and music all over Facebook and wherever else I can think. I hope I can drum up some interest in you guys. You deserve it!! Ta!
OnlyForYou PHILIPPINES wow.. i love your song "Only For You" [my username] lol.. God bless y'all and more power.. i loove you guys!!
Arthur Ferráez MEXICO Guys you ROCK!!!! And you are very beautiful Lora. Good luck and follow whith your good music!!!!!
Michelle Hohman UNITED STATES So Awesome!! Can't wait for Amoric to come to the U.S.!!
bat Vetsi BULGARIA 4estit rojden den Yan, budi sebe si i produljavaite v su6tia duh. Have good 1. Bat Ventsy
John Walsh IRELAND i'm on honeymoon on an island off Thailand in early September. i see on ur gig list ur due to play Thailand around the same time. do you guys know where you'll be playing and what dates yet??????
niall brophy IRELAND heya, seen ur gig in metro 17 in wexford recently, was sitting there with one of my friend and was actually stunned, ur music is very unique in its own way its actually nearly addictive. version of kings of leon sex is on fire is better than d original. i noted the name of ur band into my phone and its only now i got onto computer. keep me posted about future gigs im def gonna make it my business to be there.
Maxx FRANCE I love your music and voice is amazing too. you are a very good band !!! =)
Caroline POLAND I love your song! Giving in and Everything ok are my favorite :)
Conny UNITED STATES I love you guys! Your music is awesome! Come to the US!! xD
Becky NEW ZEALAND You are an amazing band, you have a great voice! Following you on Twitter :P You guys rock!
Caroline POLAND Hi. I love your music. Your songs are very cool. I cannot only find their texts of songs in the Internet in order to explain oneself them to Polish ;)I wish successes. Bye
lisa CANADA i was just sent the facebook request, and i replayed yours songs 6x in a row... i have to say your music is amasing :) and if you guys come to canada i will definitly come,
Morgana BRAZIL Hey, you are really good! I just discovered you and i'm getting addicted to your songs! I'm in love about Only for You! xoxo
Annemarie NETHERLANDS Thank you for adding me on facebook. I really like the music. Go on!
Sarah Baumann UNITED STATES Have i ever told u guys that you've been my #1 band? well now you are!!!! keep on rockin!!!!
woody jewell UNITED STATES the more i listen to you , the more I love you
irishpride IRELAND absolutely amazing in McSorelys in killarney last sat nite, please let us know wen ye will be bak, u r amazing lora
aspen ratelle UNITED STATES i love u guys!!!
Maxine Kiss UNITED STATES okay so i just got you on facebook and realy i did not know about you until i got your friend req. thx for addding me your music is realy cool.
Rhia Paige UNITED STATES You guys are on facebook? I shall have to add you then! Keep rocking, keep tweeting! ~Paramores1Fan
Rhia Paige UNITED STATES Your new songs rock!! I can't wait to hear the real versions!! And to get them on my Ipod!!
nick little IRELAND hey guy. i think uses are great and cant wait to see ou in the grasshopper tomorrow night.
Terrishny UNITED STATES I just started listening to you all's music and i absolutely love it! Thanks for the Facebook ADD!!! :) love it! im doing my final project in web design on you guys.... kinda like concert planning!!!!
Joseph Padilla UNITED STATES Just starting to listen to your music, loving it so far! Thanks for the Facebook add!
Sarah Baumann UNITED STATES OMG you guys should most definately came play in Chicago!!! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!!
Rhia Paige UNITED STATES You guys rock! You gotta come to Florida! I wants to see all my fav bands in concert! Keep rockin, keep tweetin! ~Paramores1Fan
Graeme UNITED KINGDOM Hey, first seen you guys in Apres Ski in Pamporovo and thought you were great! Was listening to your demo CD I bought back then and thought I'd look you up. Glad you're still on the go!
Sarah Baumann UNITED STATES OMG since i started listening to you guys... you have been an inspiration to me I LOVE YOU GUYS!! your awesome!!
frank & sherry UNITED STATES hello id love to hear the band play in person but funds are limited bills first play sing and dance later let us know when your in pueblo
Sarah Baumann UNITED STATES OMG im listening to your songs right now and im LOVING IT!!! you guys are awesome!!!
Richard De Los Reyes PHILIPPINES love your songs specially "Photograph and Only for you"
clive kenny IRELAND hey seen you guys in penny hill other nite and you`s are super band with a super singer. will defo come see you`s again when on in dublin
bat Vetsi BULGARIA Whel done guys,ur music is amaizing. A vsi4ki zavisnitsi moje da gi "nahranite" s va6ite pesni.Keep the faith.
Rhia Paige UNITED STATES Get your butts over to the US! I want to see you guys perform live! Keep rocking, keep tweeting! ~Paramores1Fan
Rhia Paige UNITED STATES You guys rock! Another awesome female-led rock band! Love your songs! Keep on rocking, keep on tweeting! ~Paramores1Fan
Pauline UNITED STATES nice music! like your site too, peace.
kandy UNITED STATES would love to see u state side..
woody jewell UNITED STATES I wish I could go to see you live.
woody jewell UNITED STATES I love denial, and only for you . The other songs I have heard are good, a little poppy for my taste but good. Rock hard and rock on, your fan,woody jewell
selva INDIA Got the invite on fb ..... "only for you" s awesome !!!! listenin to the rest !!!!! gr8 voice !!! AMORIC ROCKZ !!!!
Darren UNITED KINGDOM Paramore watch out, you've got competition!!!! Got added on facebook, listened to your stuff & loved it, you've got a great voice. Keep up the good work!!!!
David ARGENTINA Hello guys and girl, I'm from Argentina, and I've heard your songs only trough internet 'cause is impossible to get your songs by any of the companys where you are getting your songs sold, no one of then sell in Argentina, may you please do something? Or maybe I'll have to go to Dublin to get a copy, goodbye, a new fan of yours.-
Brad Poole UNITED STATES You guys are awesome!! My friend and I were the ones that bought you the whiskey drinks after your show Sunday, February 21st at Copper Face Jacks in Dublin. Next time we are in Ireland for business we will all have to go out!! Great music!! Brad Poole
Daquan Brown UNITED STATES I love your music and you guys are really talented i wish you guys luck in your quest 2 fame an keep puttin out great music "Evrything Ok" is my favorite song and don't worry someone will reconize your talent and you will become very successful
Sophie S UNITED KINGDOM Hey, I saw you on fb, thought your pictures looked really cool, then I listened to some of your music and I just thought it was brilliant, and if you come and perform up north in england i'd definitely come and watch, i hope you do soon! much love xxxx
Thomas UNITED STATES You guys are the best band I've ever heard. Seriously, no one can come close to your awesomeness or talent. Please, put the rest of your songs up. I would gladly pay for any and all of them.
John Walsh IRELAND Hey! when are you guys coming back to Cork???? we miss ye down here!!!!!
nigel foley IRELAND saw u guys playing in the grand last night!not my 1st time seening ye me and my friend love what ye do!always a fantastic performance! and thanks 4 playin GnR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jaye UNITED KINGDOM Saw you on Facebook, listened to your stuff and you're f*cking awesome! I'd love to see you guys playing in England someday (: xx
Kisara de Lioncourt MEXICO Wow!!! Amazing!! You guys are terrific! =)
Fred Wortman UNITED STATES Hello, Great Music, I am sure you will be among my favorite rock groups. Fred Wortman
Andy Shaw UNITED KINGDOM Fantastic music and beautiful vocalist! Keep up the good work - come to England!
Mark Reagan UNITED STATES keep on keepn' on
Zi Zburul BULGARIA Внимание Внимание ... произвежда се якия стъф :)) Half of you Rocks the other half Punks... ... наздраве от един Шино
John Walsh IRELAND When are you guys coming back to Cork??? i think ye are fantastic, I can't wait to see ye again!!
Jessica Alexandra Payne UNITED KINGDOM I LOVE you guys. Your songs are awesome. Can't wait to hear more. It's just a shame you're only doing gigs in Ireland at the moment. I live in London, so it would be cool if you guys played here!
Nancy UNITED STATES You are a great group!! Love your look good, you sound good. My prayers are with you all.
Chris D GERMANY Nice going on the new songs. i am totally impressed in the growth of your music. it just keeps getting better and better. i really cant wait to see you guys live again...
Dee UNITED STATES Waddap?:> (malkia)
Anton RUSSIAN FEDERATION Был в Болгарии в 2006 вроде как. Был на концерте в Айсберге на Солнечном Пляже. Просто улет))) Молодцы!! Been to Bulgaria in 2006 y. Seen yr concert in Iceberg club(may be) Sun Beach. Never forget))) U COOL!!
David Cornette BELGIUM Hya Guys Just wanted to post i love the "Alice from Twilight" Look you have going on the pictures here :) Waiting to finally see you break trough on MTV
Ashling Barrett IRELAND hey!! saw you guys last night in Knights bar in Navan (the loud mouth american chick in red)....absolutely amazing! couldnt have asked for a better band to be playing. Can't wait to see another gig!! Keep on truckin
Lee Robinson IRELAND Saw you guys last night in M17 Wexford .. amazing sound from you guys .. I'm a fan!!! ... will email you on some photos .. Rock on .
Цецо Пецев BULGARIA Totally Awesome! Браво бе младежи! Страхотна музика! Толкова приятно се изненадах да открия, че продължавате да създавате страхотни песни вече под друго име и на друго място. Композициите ви са страхотни, свежи и живи! Стискам палци и пожелавам успехи във всичко!!! Пожелавам си да ви видим скоро и тук в България! Заплювам си място на първия ред още отсега! :) (Two Thumbs Up)
Wolfgang Heuberger UNITED STATES A hard-rockin' and great sounding band, with tight chops and smooth vocals. Rock On!
Ophelia UNITED STATES i love your songs!!!! hope you guys come to florida one day, or at least close to florida!
Daniel Puljic BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA Great songs.I hope when you start the tour you will come to Bosnia & Herzegovina!Keep rocking!
Lu Mac UNITED STATES You totally rock! I love your music You are impressive. Thanks for the friend invite on myspace. Glad you found me. I hope to get your CD soon. Very nice music, I love it!!
AManda Knox UNITED KINGDOM I am absolutely amazed by your music. I hope you get signed soon because I have my eye on buying a couple of your songs! Amanda xx
Ani Furukawa JAPAN Hello, guys, Greetings from Japan;))) You are awesome and a real dream-come-true story and all of you deserve it! Recommending you to all of my friends in Tokyo;))) You have fans on all continents now! I wish you come here for a concert too;)))Good luck!Love ya!
Steve Mc Caffrey IRELAND Alrite lads and lass, I saw you in Donegal. I'm the guy that ye were chatting to for like an hour after the gig. Just like to say once again, it was an absolutely kick-ass gig. Gonna have to get to see you live again. Can't wait!
bobi borisov BULGARIA pesnite vi i na angl. pak sa si extra...prosto ot tuk na setne za da probiete vi trqbva da napravite naistina dosta golqm hit koito da se haresa na golqma chast ot horata spored men trqbva da e nqkvo seriozno par4e abe s edna duma ne6o ot roda na guano apes da kajem lords of the boards hah kolko sam zle i vi davam akali kvo da praite pravete tva koeto vi idva ot vatre vie ste hora na izkustvoto i vie sami 6e si precenite nai dobre ae i vsi4ko nai ;) :)))
bobi borisov BULGARIA da naistina nai gotinata bg.banda nqma spor...evala pravq na pichovete i na mackata koqto mn mi prilicha na kaka vi sandra nasic ot guano apes...mi ae pojelavam vi vsi4ko nai hubavo i da radvate fenovete si o6e dalgo i celuv4ici na kaka lora mn e sladka hehe ;)
digedag GERMANY Saw you in July in Vaughans Bar, Clifden - powerful performance!!! Who played the bass guitar?
Stefcho BULGARIA Много приятна музичка.Дано Ви видим скоро с България. Междо другото,стайлинга на Лора от "Рая" повече ми допада. :) Поздрави!
gabriella ITALY A few days ago, I was in Dublin at the concert, an evening of u2.Passeggiando are passed in a square, to be honest was a cool dog, I wanted to retire in just albergo.Quando I heard an incredible voice that intoned vertigo are was struck by the talent of this band, despite the wind chill I was a senirli until the end of their performance, seemed to me incredible that a band of young men were so extraordinarily talented to sing them for us for free! Could not become famous! Too good , you have an item by color, intense and has an amazing extension ... fantastic live performance! Complimenti davvero, so I hope to be able to see you in italy, I spoke of amoric to all my friends!
Dude IRELAND Hey Guys, I saw you last night At the Bray Summer Festival. You guys were brilliant ! :-)
Nicole UNITED STATES You guys are phenomenal! I just wish you would come to New York. I would definitely go to your show! Keep on rocking! \m/(>.<)\m/
Alex ITALY I realize that a band has just blown my mind when, once the gig's over, I can still hear the music they played flurring inside my head. And this is straight away what happened to me tonight... You're an explosion of energy, so fresh! Hammering bass lines, solid rythmic structure, superb guitar work and smooth, sensual voice... What a mix! I wish you every success...
Rafael GERMANY Здравейте и от мен. Слушам песните ви с голямо удоволствие и се радвам, че намерихте публика и място на реализация. Само напред и успехи. Поздрави от Германия. Viele Grüße Rafael
peter christiaanse IRELAND Hey guys, how's it going. Really miss you guys playing. I hope you can play in Holland soon. If you want to i can always sort things out. Hope to come to Dublin again soon. Take care.
Stefan GERMANY Hey Amoric, Been to Dublin this weekend and saw your gig at the Porterhouse which was just great! Watching you play from the top floor I could feel the massive energy and joy you have on stage. I loved the songs! I'll try to get your EP here in Germany. I wish you great succcess and that one day when I can attend your gig in Germany! All the best from Frankfurt/Germany! Stefan
грУЙчо AFGHANISTAN P.S. Нали не ми се сърдите? Аз съм отчаян от живота човек, без бъдеще, хляб и родина.Затуй съм и злобен и язвителен. Ето ви тема за песен: Нещастието на грУЙчо, анонимния завистник и злобар. :) Айде чао. До скоро!
Anton RUSSIAN FEDERATION Hi Amoric!? Hi Lora...I'm very glad to hear you new songs, it's very nice! I wish you be a great band, you made a great music, and i think that you will be great! Sorry for my pooooooor english )))))) Greetings from the Nothern Capital of Russia - Petersburg!
Andy UNITED KINGDOM I was lucky enough to hear these guys at 'The Porterhouse' in Dublins 'Bar area' mid April 2009. Their presence, musical ability, and choice of set was incredible! Lora's delivery is not only sexy as hell, but vocally superb! Zac is one of the most unassuming,talented musicians i've witnessed in a long time! Ian was incredible on drums, and Krasy was evidently having as much fun as everyone in the audience as well as holding the groove! 'Only for you' is their standout track as far as i'm concerned! Keep doing what your doing guys and you won't go far wrong. much love from manchester!
ivan BULGARIA Здрасти пичове ! Много се кефя за вас ! Надявам се да се чувствате готино там и все така напред и нагоре ! U deserve it! Cheers from Kuln!!!
Lyubomir Lalov BULGARIA Музиката ви е страхотна! За пръв път я слушам и наистина съм очарован! Дано ви оценят подобаващо!
fabrizio ITALY Ciao, vi ho seguito quando ero in vacanza a Dublino, al porterhouse pub, siete forti ho il vostro disco e vorrei sentirvi di nuovo dal vivo, venite in italia a suonare, sei bellissima, baci
Den Loughran IRELAND Hey guys, hope to see you playing again soon...Hey Zac, Makosi misses you man! :-) Meaoooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Jason McShane IRELAND Congrats on the EP, Jay
Venci BULGARIA Greetings from Smolian
Troy Jeschke UNITED STATES Your band is awesome! Can't wait for the EP!
Mark IRELAND Well done in Masons on Wednesday night. Amazing setlist. Lead Singers range was absolutely amazing! I was amazed by the ammount of sound produced from one guitar, i certainly couldnt do it! Hope ya had a good night following lads excellent show. Yours The support from Wednesday night ;)
Dina SOUTH AFRICA Hey, guys u fucking rock! I like all of your friggin' songs.DAmn u ROCK!!!
Kevin IRELAND Hey guys, Great performance once again in the czech inn! See you next time. ps. weren't they nice, all those half naked men haha! Kevin
Radoslav BULGARIA P.S. На български език песните са уууууникални!!!!!!!
Radoslav BULGARIA Съмнявам се че отговаряте на мейли......все пак честито за EP...вие сте най-добрата БГ група.много съжалявам че си тръгнахте.разбирам ви все пак.дано направите някой концерт обратно в БГ за да ви посетим.Или пробвайте в Германия....тук всички студенти ще се побъркат! П.П. Лора...по дяволите колко си красива!!!!
Christie UNITED STATES I absolutely love you guys.. thanks to Tanyo...all my friends love it too..they think you guys are catchy and love it....anyways we want t-shirts to rock here in the US
Ashley UNITED STATES Well This is the first time I've heard you and all I can say is that it won't be the friend knows he told us about you and we love you...can't wait to see you in america cuz the path your on is going to lead you here eventually...keep making music history..xoxo
John - VERTIGO IRELAND From the 1st time I saw you play I thought you were great. Not just good but you have a speacial something going on that sets you apart fron the rest. Keep it up. Lora, hope you can join Vertigo at xmas for a collaboration song, always good to sing with you.
Colin O'Brien IRELAND Hey I saw you guys in the Bridge Tavern in Wicklow Town. absolutely amazing it has to be said and im looking forward to seeing you back here again and around Dublin of course.
Angel Slavtchev BULGARIA AMORIC live @ "Porterhouse Temple Bar" in Dublin on the 16th - Amazing stuff... Better than the original. :)
GER IRELAND I cant praise this band enuff,,,I first saw them in Sunny Beach Bulgaria in spider bar place...this incredible (powerful yet angelic) voice just resonated all over the place and we were pulled in by the tractor beam...we went back to see you guys 3 nites running!!! I was talking to Lora and she signed my demo cd for me...which I of course treasure:) I actually remember I was wearing my U2 Vertigo Tour t-shirt and naturally Lora's eyes lite up being fans themselves!! I told her she should come to Dublin as there was such a huge music scene and she was bound to get noticed...there ye go guys...remember me when yis are picking up those grammys;) Keep belting out those crackin tunes....G
John Peterson UNITED STATES This is my first listen to your music, and it is kinda like the Stones said: "And I like it!" Look forward to seeing you when you come to America..., when you get to Everett look me up--I'm in the book. ... And always remember to: "Keep On Rockin' In The Free World".
Daan NETHERLANDS Good band, I have your CD! Only for you great song Greets
yavor_ninja BULGARIA искаме Лора в Русе :D ще направим подписка да дойдете и при нас, тук много хора ще ви харесат :P
Grant IRELAND I happened to be walking on the seafront in Bray on friday night and heard you playing. Ended up listening to the rest of your was really great stuff......very impressed and looking forward to seeing you again. Stick with it as I'm sure you will get a big break through very soon.
John UNITED KINGDOM just playing the music again tonight and just wanted to say I love all the stuff. (favourite at the moment is Blue Summer, that is an incredible song, you should be very proud!). Saw you guys in Sunny Beach last Sept at end of season (last week i think) first day of holiday and we ended up in that bar every night just to see you guys. Did actually chat to Lora for a few mins. Quite funny cos my South African friend asked Lora if she was from Belgium or Uk cos you spoke such good English (hey it begins with a B give here a break). Bought 6 Cds that week and try to pass on the music to all my friends. Great band. Planning on getting to Dublin for her birthday in Sept to see you guys again. We'll say hello and buy you all a Guiness. Keep going.
Tom UNITED KINGDOM Hey guys - love the music. Was great meeting you in Dublin ! Ps Lora, your voice is awesome ! Tom (Oswald)
Tonyslav Dimitrov BULGARIA ГОЛЯМ ПОЧИТАТЕЛ СЪМ ВИ , СТАРОТО ИМЕ ВИНАГИ ЩЕ ГО ПОМНЯ , МНОГО ЖАЛКО ЧЕ ЗАМИНАХТЕ ЗА ИРЛАНДИЯ , ЛИПСВАТЕ МНОГО НА ВСИЧКИ ПОЧИТАТЕЛИ НА БЪЛГАРСКАТА МУЗИКА В БЪЛГАРИЯ. Надявам се един ден да дойдете в Русе и да изпеете моята любима песен "Нова". Чао , чао и много целувки !!
David Coutant UNITED STATES is where I found you. I've listened to your songs, I've watched some video, I've looked at pictures. & this is all just today. I will be looking for Amoric on American TV & radio. Keep it up. Make it happen. Great voice.
Anny Galicia CANADA Hey there! Your music is simply great I have to say. Too bad I only knew about you a couple of days before leaving Dublin. I would have loved to be at one of the gigs. I hope one day you’ll come to Montreal (Canada), there are plenty of music festivals during the summer. For now, I wish you the best of luck. I know is not going to be long before you get sign and from there skyrocketing to stardom. Meanwhile, count on some promotion not only among my friends in Montreal but in Mexico as well. Cheers! Anny;)
Anton RUSSIAN FEDERATION Привет ребята!!! Поздравляю вас с наградой!.....ух-ты! похоже у вас все очень здорово складывается....хотел бы узнать, вы будете в августе в Солнечном береге???? пожалуйста дайте мне ответ на мой e-mail....надеюсь разберете по русски.... =)
Derek L UNITED STATES WOW !!!!! a huge congrats!!!!! miss U all and cant wait to buy the album, i am pre ordering it from amazon and some of my friends that i told about U all are going to buy it also!!! ttyl, lots of love!
Billy Joe UNITED STATES Photograph wins awards at Best Female Vocals in Alternative Rock, week of 19May2008 Best Drums in Alternative Rock, week of 19May2008 Also CARE is: Track of the Day on 24May2008 in Hard Rock Best Female Vocals in Hard Rock, weeks of 5May 12May 19May Nothing else needs to be said.
Mairead IRELAND Hi ...was at the east cost idol gig on friday last was great !! Really enjoyed it and congrats on winning!!! Went in to Dublin next nite to watch full set because i was so impressed!! haha..again was worth it ! so take care and goodluck with it ..Mairead
Rossen BULGARIA Добра работа... ще ми липсват гиговете ви в Сл. Бряг...
David Cornette BELGIUM Hy Guys As we promised you back in Ireland, the first post on the forums from your Belgian fanbase ! :) I hope we get to see more of you on one of the big belgian rockfestivals. Here are the sites if you are interested --> (Dutch only site: call +32 15/29.78.68) Thanks again for an awesome performance that made our last night in Dublin a night to remember. Lots of screams and kisses Dave, Selim, Stephany & Leen
Gogreen2 Marketing Limited UNITED KINGDOM Hi Guys, Hope everything went well at Crawdaddy, sorry we could not be there but i am sure you were a big hit as always. Please let us know if you will be in Sunnybeach this year. All the best from everyone at
Gregser IRELAND Hi guys. Congratulations on the launch gig, I know a lot of effort went into the launch and you put on a spectacular show. Keep the faith, all it takes is one person with the right contacts to put you on the next stage of world domination !! Keep up the good work - Greg
Plam BULGARIA Супер сте! Продължавайте да творите и все така качествено. Дано повече български изпълнители успеят да се реализират. Жалко, че трябва да е навън... P.S. Само за инфо - нещо уникално се върти из мрежата - Монислава Недева ( вече е на 15 )
edel curran IRELAND hey, just saw amoricfor first time on sat nite in voodoo lounge letterkenny. was gonna leave but when the band started playing it was impossible to go. great music, versatile vocals, original songs worth a gig on their own. oh, and drummer is hot!!!!!
dimix BULGARIA Лора, тоз вашия русский товарищ ви е качил много яко видео с Блу Самър ;) ;ррр
Philip Murphy IRELAND My wife and I were at the launch gig on Friday evening. We must say that we really enjoyed the music. It was great to hear Amoric really shine though on this special night. Well done guys. Philip and Aine
Anton RUSSIAN FEDERATION Привет ребята! Привет Лора, Янко, Красимир и Ивор...рад видеть что у вас все неплохо складывается..мечтаю еще раз попасть на ваш концерт, жалаь что Дублин далеко от Санкт-Питербурга, кто знает может вновь встретимся в Болгарии......у вас хорошие новые песни, желаю вам успехов!....и продолжаю следить за вашим творчеством....
Geri Arsova BULGARIA Хора мн са добри парчетата..ЕВАЛА!!! Продължавайте в същия дух и дано скоро им се порадваме и тук в БГ :) Cheers!
Gogreen2 Marketing Limited UNITED KINGDOM Hi, Just a quick note to wish you lots of luck on the 4th, its a shame we cant be there. Have a great night, we know you will. From everyone at
Vladislav BULGARIA Случайно попаднах на сайта и реших да подам едно ухо на някои от песните. Оказа се че са страхотни, продължавайте все така да творите хубава музика. :)
dimix BULGARIA Lora, mnogo me kefi photograph:))))), no i mnogo me razplakva.... miss u!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
mal adams UNITED KINGDOM Really enjoyed the gigs in Bulgaria, hopefully you will play in Northern Ireland!
Chris D GERMANY The new songs rock!!! Nice job!! The music is getting better and better. Keep it up. I so wish I could see you perform it live, I would love to see the crowd's reaction. WOW!!!
Tanyo Sertev BULGARIA '...Although we’ll be apart You’re staying in my heart The memories we have I’ll keep them In a photograph...' PUNK ROCK! BRILLIANT!
Angel Slavtchev BULGARIA Have no other choice but to agree with everybody else - 'I'll be here' just rocks and rolls and rules! Outstanding lyrics and great singing!
Billy Joe UNITED STATES I will have to agree with everybody else. The new song is just brilliant. Grate job, great job!!!
Daniel Eaton UNITED KINGDOM I couldn't say it better, Tanyo. I'LL BE HERE totally rocks!
Tanyo Sertev BULGARIA Did I tell you that I love the new song?! Well I'm gonna do it now: I LOVE THE NEW SONG!!! What a wonderful musical composition! It's message is simple yet clear and it moves along like light in the morning's sunrise... Thank you for sharing your talent!
dimix BULGARIA "I'll be here" is fucking awesome!!!:))))) Lora, great lyrics again, babe!:))) it's really u - little but so strong and powerful!!!:))) I love you:)))))))xxxxxxxxxxxx
Xavier FRANCE Merci beaucoup pour la soirée du jeudi 21 février passé avec vous au Porterhouse à Dublin....longue vie à vous...
Martin IRELAND Saw you playin yesterday in Eamonn Dorans :-) liked the music quite a lot, looved your sneakers Lora, hehe.
Jenya Kim KOREA, REPUBLIC OF Super Iako!!!!
sean o'cleirigh IRELAND Saw u guys play in the Spider Bar in Sunny Beach In Bulgaria when I was over there in 2005 on holidays. Wasnt a great holiday but you guys were amazing. Delighted to hear that you guys are moving to Dublin Ireland. Will look forward to seeing you then. Sean
Ardor IRELAND You were rocking the Voodoo Lounge yesterday! I was very impressed and now a fan of Amoric!
Paskal BULGARIA Hajde, Lora, 4akam novata pesen ::)))mnogo kysmet i uspeh vi jelaq i ne zabravqite da se vry6tate ponqkoga ;)
Stefan GERMANY A Happy New Year from Germany! Fantastic music! Great! Saw you 2006 at the Iceberg! Greetz!
Angel Slavtchev BULGARIA Veseli praznici!
haemoglobin BULGARIA Hi guys, Hope to see you live in Dublin (end february) Nazdrave i veseli praznitsi!
Rebecca AUSTRALIA Nice website! looking forward to hearing more about AMORIC and their future gigs. Good luck with it
hazel IRELAND wats up.. let us know when your gigs are on ill get the gang out.. love the pics xx
Anton RUSSIAN FEDERATION HI!...nice web-site...I see you find producer :)...why "amoric"? ....waiting your new songs :))...
Gogreen2 Marketing Limited UNITED KINGDOM Thanks for such a great time in Bulgaria, you guys made our Holiday. We hope to see you A.S.A.P, please post your future gigs. Take care and keep that positive vibe.
Plam BULGARIA Здравейте! Радвам се за успехите ви и се надявам тепърва да предстоят още повече! Чудесна е музиката, която правите. Съжалявам, че сте сменили името на групата, но сигурно така се е наложило:)Успех за в бъдеще и не забравяйте родината си - тук имате много почитатели...Желая ви голям пробив на световната сцена и да останете на върха по-дълго!!!:)
Derek L UNITED STATES Zdrasti!!! U all, so glad to see the site up! cant wait to hear the new stuff. keep in touch and say hi to all ur families for me! some day we will meet again and break bread! best of wishes!
Noel Smith IRELAND Hi Folks, Glad you finally made it to Ireland, give us a shout and we'll organise the ski gang to meet up for a reuion at one of your gigs. Good luck your new songs etc. Noel
Chris D GERMANY New Name!! New Site!! And now new location!! Looks awesome!! Glad to see you expanding your great music across Europe. Hopefully Ireland is only the first stop in things to come. I look forward to hearing the new stuff from where ever I am in the world. I miss watching you guys perform because it’s always a great and energetic show. Good luck and keep making the music that keeps my feet tapping. Take care from your fan from all over the globe…
evadance BULGARIA Hello my precious band, I am also here in your guestbook and ready to support you with all my energy, dances and...information...hahahah!take care and rock on!mwaaaah
michael forde IRELAND hi,love the music!great looking website.cant wait to see you live in dublin.
dimix BULGARIA Hey Loric;))) Hey guys!!! I miss u so much:( but at the same time I am very happy, optimistic and excited about your new Irish adventure!:))))) I am sending u all my endless Amore, support, best wishes, warm hugs and kisses across the continent!:)))xxxxxxxxxxxx
kenny IRELAND still listening to your cd i bought in sunnybeach hope to hear u live in ireland have told my friends how great u guys are love the new name and new sound please head to wexford and play
Dave UNITED STATES It's been sooo long since Korea, I miss you guys! The new songs are great!
Jeliazko Jeliazkov BULGARIA Great music! LORA or AMORIC... stay cool! AMORIC = EMOTION
Maria Mladenova BULGARIA Congratulations on the new website and name and on the fresh start!:) but surely the visual changes are just additions to your talent and the great music you make:)) and you deserve it all!:) keep up that unique spirit!
Billy Joe UNITED STATES Nice site and great music! CARE rocks!
Kamelia Angelova UNITED STATES Lorche + boys, Congrats on the website! I have waited for this album a long time and you did not let me down. I love it! Any tour plans yet? New York is waiting for you... I am coming to Ireland next year so I hope to see you in Dublin. How is the Guinness there? Much love, Kami p.s. - Lorche, pishi, please!
inexplicit BULGARIA Lol, seems you are on the verge of something really exciting! - Your music is GREAT , no matter where you are and under what name you make it- keep your style! May this international name be just the start of an international fame. Actually, it's no doubt! ;))Sooo,.. Good luck there!!!!!!!! XXX P.S. Greetings for the web-page. Well done!
todor nedelchev BULGARIA Благодарим ви за всичко което правите.Това че сте замина ли от България не е добре,но както пишеше в инфото надявам се поне наистина да се чувствате добре.Пожелавам ви все повече успехи с новия имидж.Знаите че тук все още има хора които ви обичат и ценят.Надявам се скоро да ни зарадвате с концерт краи морето.Успех...
Peter BULGARIA Pozdravlenia za dobrata novina. :) I puskajte parchetata i v Bulgaria kato stanat. ;)
Kaloyan Penev GERMANY Heheeeii, All the best!!! Greets from Germany :)
Damien IRELAND hi best of luck, some cool songs I'll rate them later when i have heard them a few times. like the let go video version in burgarian seems a little punchier than the english verison. love the tune Jungle could be a cool tune but needs better lyrics. Fake and Fire has a good sound . The album is denfinately growing on me. Chao Damo
ivanovich IRELAND good website D, music is good too, you can hear the musical influences from the tunes and definitely in the vocals!! the amoric logo is cool too..rock on!!
Daniel Eaton UNITED KINGDOM You guys are truly amazing. I saw you in Bulgaria this summer and I was like WOW! It felt so good...and I bet you don't get to see a band perform better than this! I hope I will see you when you get to tour around Europe. Cheers! P.S. Congrats for the new name and website. I love it.
Tanyo Sertev BULGARIA So, you guys changed your name!!? Sounds cool... Anyway I just wanted to say that I LOVE your music...! Keep up the great work!
Domnick Carey IRELAND Well done site is amazing, band sound and look as great as I remember in the snow. Love the new name, sounds rocky!! Can't wait to see live again.
Gregser IRELAND FIIIIRRRREEEEEEE!!!! Awesome job - congrats !!!
Angel Slavtchev BULGARIA FINALLY! The site works. Music sounds great. Good job! Will be expecting the new myspace profile soon too. All the best to the band, please keep the site updated as often as you can. :) Fever